Thursday, April 14, 2011

goose tracks

I start the hoop sisters goose tracks today.
Can't wait, have tidied my sewing room up ready.
This Quilt will be for my youngest daughters 21st. I will be doing it in Black, Reds, Oranges and purples.
Not my colours. Might have to do another one in my colours.


  1. your daughter will love it,its very colourful

  2. Hi Anita i am so overwhelmed with the absolutely gorgeous RAK parcel that you sent me,words cant express how happy i am to receive them,you are so clever,thankyou my friend very much,you made my day.I couldnt find an email address so i hope you dont mind me commenting on here.
    Cheers and big hugs Shez

  3. Hi Anita have you received my parcel yet ? i sent it monday the 18th.
    Have a safe and happy easter